Sell Your Home in 90 Days

...or we'll sell it for FREE.*


That's how confident I am in my hand-picked real estate team. We can sell your home in about three months, even in this soft market. And in the unlikely event that selling your home takes longer than 90 days, I will happily sell it for FREE. Sound too good to be true? I assure you it is not!

So why would I make you this guarantee? Its not because I like to lose money or  like working for free. I simply want you to know how seriously I take your relationship as my client. When you list your property with The Marc Austin Highfill Team, you will know that you will be receiving the highest level of professional service you can find. You will also know that we will be aggressively marketing your home with proven selling techniques that work in a recovering market and with EXiT's industry leading internet marketing, which produces more web leads that the next FOUR real estate brokerage companies COMBINED. Its the power of our marketing and our team's superior customer service and experience that allows us to stand behind our guarantee to sell your home.

Please call me, Marc Austin Highfill, at 804-527-3948 or email me at to personally discuss my guarantee and how my team and I work harder to sell your home quickly. Because if we don't, we'll be working for free.

Call me for more information or to get started selling your home. I look forward to hearing from you!


Marc Austin Highfill
(804) 527-3948


* certain restrictions apply, contact Marc Austin Highfill for full details.